The Study of Celebrity of Popular Culture in Advertising Endorsement ─An Analysis of the Forms and the Construction of Meaning in Commercials as Media Content


Guang-shiash Hu


Celebrity Endorsement, Taiwan, Popular Culture, Consumption Culture, Television Commercials, Advertising Industry


Based upon the theories of popular culture and consumption culture, this paper is intended to analyze the forms and the construction of meaning in celebrity endorsement commercials. There are seven genres of advertising as media content in Taiwan’s commercials: Ads as entertainment programs, ads as popular music, ads as newscasts, ads as sports, ads as films, ads as talk shows, and ads as drama. The selected samples for this study are the most popular commercials in Taiwan. This paper also discusses the meanings of celebrity endorsement upon consumers and some factors that may influence the construction of meaning in using celebrity endorsement commercials.

This study points out that the characteristic of modern consumption society is the consumption of symbol already instead of material consumption. The advertising industry plays the mediated role for providing cultural framework for consumers by using celebrities of popular culture.