A Survey of Taiwan Cable Subscribers’ Satisfaction


Yu-li Liu, Chin-ho Chen


Cable TV, customer satisfaction, subscription fees, customer service, quality service.


The purpose of this paper is to assess customer satisfaction with cable service. The paper examines international and local literature regarding cable subscribership and audience satisfaction. It employs seven indexes to measure customer satisfaction. They are cable TV content, reception quality, fee collection service, customer service, repair service, cable TV guide, and subscription fees. Data were gathered in telephone interviews conducted with 1,083 cable subscribers. The results show that cable subscribers’ overall satisfaction is over 60%, while their dissatisfaction is less than 30%. Within the seven indexes, 67 percent of the subscribers are only dissatisfied with the subscription fees. Their satisfaction toward other six indexes is higher than that of dissatisfaction. They think the subscription fees are still higher than they expect. However, the subscribers who are dissatisfied with the fees are still satisfied with the overall performance of cable TV. Therefore, there is no connection between subscribers’ attitudes towards subscription fees and service quality.