Looking at home computing experience of Taiwanese adolescents


Mine-ping Sun


media use of adolescents, home computer use of adolescents, qualitative research method, media use and family life


Personal computers in Taiwanese households are adopted increasingly. According to the official data, the penetrate rate of computers in household over the past four years, boosting from 11.8% in 1993 to 32.3% in 1997. Like the television set walking into the living room and change people’s family live in the past 50 years, the computer consuming is gradually change our life, working, thinking etc.

The adolescents are the most important indicator to understand media’s influence. Furthermore, young people are the main computer users in the future information society. So, how did they shape their computer experience in the family setting when they began to access the new medium?

The study described high school students’ experience of home computer use by focus group and depth interview. It also intended to interpret how the new technology, or so called“new medium culture”, formed young people’s family leisure life and interpersonal relationship with their families. The topics of study included, what were computer consuming physical environments of metropolitan adolescents, how the young computer users treated the new honor guests in their home, what were their feelings to consume computer as a toy at home, a medium to communicate with families and peers etc.