The Research of the News Program Scheduling of PTS in Taiwan – Vuewpoint of the Program Pattern and TV Ratings


Chi-hui Chung、Ping-hung Chen


PTS, Program Scheduling, News Program, The Pattern of Program, TV Ratings


It took a long winding road for Taiwan PTS to finally broadcast in July 1998, but the multichannel television environment was no longer the same as it was supposed to meet. Though PTS is the window of the delicated national TV culture, PTS should emphasize the program scheduling and the needs of the demassified public at the beginning. The PTS in the States has to meet with the competition from the TV environment as wll, but their programming direction is quite clear. They first plan the program styles according to the spirit of PTS. Then, they confirm and adjust the program after reading the report of TV audience composition among certain audience group. They also counter program like other TV stations do and not to com pete with the same type of TV program. US PTS makes plan for the show of the year and the most popular lead-off programming as the last strategy We find that what US PTS has done to their program can also be adopted to Taiwan PTS in some way so that Taiwan PTS can improve the TV ratings in such keen multi TV competition. Especially Taiwan PTS can get the channel loyalty of the audience by their own best sellers and counter program to better serve the demassified as their goal.