Virtual Audiences? To Analyze Rating Methods of 1990s in Taiwan – taking A. C. Nielson, Rainmaker, and Redwood Companies as example


Wei-Wei Vivian Huang


radio rating, television rating, feedback


As the reconstruction of radio and television industries have happened in recent years, rating methods and techniques are diversified. Related literature focuses on television rating issues, few research centered around radio rating. Further, little literature analyzes rating methods from the viewpoint of audiences’ feedback. Therefore, this paper is concerned with the following research questions:1.What is the concept of audiences from rating methods of 1990s in Taiwan? 2.What are the characteristics of feedback from rating methods of 1990s in Taiwan? This research, used literature review and indepth interview with 17 media research managers, producers, and scholars, is to discuss the concept of audiences. Suggestions on rating methods from the view point of feedback is also proposed.