Audience Reception Studies to Cable TV News Channels


Chuan-pin Chu


This thesis forms a part of a research project which looks into the encoding and decoding processes relating to Taiwan’s cable TV news channels. In the form of an audience study, the thesis aims to answer the following questions:

1. How has the increase of programme channels affected viewers attitudes and behaviours in viewing?

2. How are the cable news channels received by the viewers?

3. How do the viewers see the political tendencies of different cable news channels?

The study comprises of two parts: a sampling survey and ethnographic interviews. Drawing from both quantitative and qualitative data, the researcher argues that there are interrelated relationships between viewers’ degree of concentration, levels of interaction, and their reactive patterns to the cable TV news channels. The study also finds that, in terms of channels’ credibility, the viewers’ ratings are in accordance with channels’ familiarities. Finally, whether an audience would tune in to certain news channel is more related to the form of its presentation than to its content.