The Challenge of 1996 Telecommunication Act — Public Interest


Su-ying C. Liu


With the passage of the 1996 Telecommunication Act, Communications entered into a new era. It is an overhaul of the Communications Act of 1934. Its prime target is gaining higher public interest through the means of deregulation and competition.

1996 Telecommunication Act encompasses wide range of services: broadcast, television, cable, satellite, and internet. In the process of regulation and deregulation, the Act is trying to reach the goal of social justice and meeting peoples’ need with creativity. This article tried to discuss the ways and means to increase “investment and competition”, “the control of platform”, as well as “Universal service.”

The challenge to the 1996 Telecommunication Act is a magnificent task. It needs to amass wisdom and devotion from every field for fully tackling the technological and legal problems in the new world in quest of increasing the freedom of speech, hiking the standard of recreation and renovating the life style of the coming new age.