Transnational Competition in the Era of Audiovisual Media Integration


Tain-Dow Lee · Sze-King Chan


The paper aims to address the role Taiwan’s audiovisual media play when faced with fierce competition and challenges from overwhelming western-based transnational communication corporations and from media system in the Asia-Pacific countries. Borrowing from Michael J. Enright’s The Hong Kong Advantages, the paper appropriates a more ideal Audiovisual Industrial Clustering and the peripheral clustering. The later consists of advertising, news, informatics, computer and telecommunication industries; the former includes film, terrestrial TV, cable and satellite, video and recording industries. The Audiovisual industrial clustering is closely examined based on Michael E. Porter’s Diamond model in The Competition Advantage of Nation, and is used to analyze the strength and weakness of the Taiwan’s current audiovisual industries. The paper will conclude with suggestions relevant for future orientation and strategies of the domestic industries.