The Social Marketing for Public TV


Michael. S. R. Kwan · Vickie. R. W. Cheng


Facing an evolving society and a multi-channel media environ ment, the Public TV in Taiwan is under the challenge of gaining pub lic support and public recognition. The promoting of PTV’s “nature”, “value”, “identity”, and “vision” are things being neglected during the organizing stage, are critical challenges for the newly established PTV station. How to win the public support? What are ways to promote the identity or the true value of PTV? How to develop an effective social marketing strategy for selling PTV concept and services? These are the main points discussed in this article.

This article is a conceptual study. It attempts to draw new concepts from previous studies. The theory of non-profits organization management and that of social marketing are carefully analyzed to reveal the nature of PTV’s social marketing. The PTV social marketing experiences of other country are studied and adapted. A Taiwan PTV’s social marketing diagram is developed as a proto-model. Based on this preliminary model, suggestions are provided for Taiwan PTV in conducting its marketing to the general pub lic. Suggestions include to set clear mission statement, to develop organizational culture through employees’ commitment, and the adaption of four C’s marketing strategy.