The New Trends of the Global Media Mergers and The Impacts on Taiwan’s TV


Shu-Hui Huang


Mainly, this paper discusses the new trends of the global media mergers and the possible impacts on Taiwan’s TV industry. This paper includes three parts. The first part reviews the existing litera ture regarding mergers. It is found that mergers are no stranger to the capitalists. The new trends include: media giants merge internationally; communication technology develops and integrates; ownership has been centralized and controlled; and the US and the European madia giants’ capacity of expansion is much better than the Asians’. The possible impacts on Taiwan’s TV industry are: the impacts on technology; the issue of monopoly and free competition; the increased sources of media products; the relation of privatization to the firms going global; and the unclear synergy of media mergers, This paper concludes that the development of information economy will be Taiwan’s major challenge in the future.