Editorial & Review Procedure

After revamping, “Journal of Audio-visual Media and Technologies” publishes issues in March and September annually. The editorial advisory board of the journal is responsible for all submissions.  Each issue of the journal publishes four original … Read more

History, Aims and Scope

“Journal of Audio-visual Media and Technologies” is a refereed journal published in both Chinese and English by Department of Radio and Television at National Chengchi University, Taiwan. It not only promotes academic research in areas … Read more

Issue No.39

Current Journal Analysis of Taiwan Broadcasting Radio Station and E-commerce Website Cooperation policy: As the example of BCC & INTW/Wen-Ting Shan Keywords: Broadcasting Radio Station, Strategic alliance, Resource Exchange, E-commerce Website p1 Understanding local correspondents … Read more

Issue No.38

Current Journal More than listening: The parasocial experience of radio listening converging with social media use/Hsiao-Chien Lai, Yen-Shen Chen Keywords: Parasocial interaction, social media, attraction, self-disclosure p1 Information design vs. local cognition: Observing the broadcasting … Read more