Current Journal
Action Research in the Design of Media Content
/Ling-Yuan Lin, Pin-Chieh Lin
Keywords: action research, practice-led research, reflection in/on action

Effects of viewing motivation on TV APP using behaviors:《Mission of the Queen》as an example
/Mei-Hsueh Yang, Yu-Han Huang
Keywords: TV program, viewing motivation, TV APP, using behavior

Post-Revolution to Post-Anti-Revolution: Revisit Huang Jianxin’s Filmography from the Perspective of Political Economy of Communication
/Jun-Wei Lu
Keywords: Huang Jianxin, political economy of communication, fifth-generation, China's film industry, Chinese economic reform

Book Review
Taiwan Cinema: A Contested Nation on Screen: Reconstruction of historical perspective in Taiwan national cinema
/Yen-Hsuan Huang
Keywords: Taiwan cinema、national cinema、Nationalism、Guo-Juin Hong